Galaxy Quest

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Galaxy Quest Fan-Sites

Here I've got some links to the only other Galaxy Quest Sites i've found- If i've missed any please let me know!

Travis Latke Galaxy Quest Site
This is the original Galaxy Quest fan site that was created by 'Travis Latke'.
In reality it was a fictional 'in-universe' website used to market the film. It went 404, but it has been preserved in part by the wayback machine.
Home of the oldest GQ WebRing on the net! Episode guide, cast bios, info, Blueprints, wallpaper, and more! Probably the most intricate site I've seen yet! 

Galaxy Quest Wikia
The largest and most thorough Galaxy Quest database on the internet. A large part of this Database was taken straight from th
e G
alactopedia which was based on Galaxy Quest encyclopedias, technical manuals, and other important books.

Fan Pop's Galaxy Quest Page
A nice Fansite with some poll's and trivia questions. How well do you know Galaxy Quest?

 Guy's Galaxy Quest Site
A good site with information about the NSEA rank system, weapons, and 10 Reasons Why Taggart is Better Than Picard.

German Fictional Fansite
An amazing website that is written in German, I recommend using Google Chrome to translate it.

IMDb Movie Database for Galaxy Quest
This site contains information on the cast and crew, plus some neat trivia with stats about filming. 

Dead sites

NSEA Protector; Paper Model

You need to scroll about half way down the page, They spent some time on this model, i love it!

[Info from the site]

"The NSEA Protector from "Galaxy Quest" 

A worldwide effort has come together to bring this model to reality. Bill worked on the mesh, Rick on the unfolding, Paul and I on coloring and putting it together as a release."

The Galaxy Quest Blueprint Project

This is the Blueprint project that's ran by The Questarian, it's all fan driven and they look great! 

Shuttel Craft; Paper Model

I really enjoyed building this model, it was pretty easy for me to build. 

"This is the Shuttle from the movie, "Galaxy Quest." Scale is approximately 1/72, with the finished model about 3.5 inches in length. Several display stands are included. " 

Alex is shown his sleeping arrangements!

**Galaxy Quest Game!**

This site has removed the game- and I'm not sure if he will bring the game back, but if he does- here is the link...

While surfing the internet I found a pretty cool game! Little Larado would be proud of any one who lasts longer than a minute Ha ha ha