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Posted by Luke Reeves on July 5, 2011 at 2:05 AM

A few days ago I decided it would be a great idea to start arranging Galaxy Quest information. The problem is there are a variety of sources that contradict themselves at times. These sources are as follows;

- Galaxy Quest (Movie, 1999 [All VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray Versions]) [CC 5]

- Convention Props (Posters, Fliers, Memorabilia, Scripts, Models, Ect., 1999) [CC 4.8]

- Galaxy Quest 20th Anniversary Special (In Universe Documentary 1999) [CC 4.75]

- Galaxy Quest (Novelization Terry Bisson, 1999) [CC 4.5]

- Galaxy Quest (Junior Novelization Ellen Weiss, 1999) [CC 4]

- Galaxy Quest: Global Warming (Comic Book Series, 2009) [CC 3.5]

- Magazines and other 'Second Hand' Sources.

I've decided to judge these items in what I call a "Cannon Creditability" [CC]. When you take Information from a source, it has certain credibility. All Information has to be accurate to the Movie First and Foremost. No Exceptions. This allows us to take information from the novelizations, comic books, documentaries, posters and ect. with out having continuity errors. (Rating Scale 1-5; 5 being most creditable) Level 5 objects can not be discredited.

NOTE: A Low number Doesn't mean it's a bad source, it just shows a bit of distance between the source materials.

When you read the books, comics, or watch the 20th anniversary, a person may give extra details that were not in the movie. We accept these sources as true fact, only if they align with the movie, and easily fit in the storyline, and Galaxy Quest Universe.



2 years ago I created this website so I could help distribute information, photographs, and other resources that i've spent a long, Long, LONG time collecting from auction sites and scouring the web. I've found a lot of cool stuff, but I haven’t put much of it up yet. This seems to be a part of the site i need to work on in the future.


If you believe that one of the CCN's need to change, let me know. I'm open to suggestions.

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Reply Phantombatman
7:51 AM on July 9, 2011 
Great to see the site still alive!
I own an original Screen used Thermian Suit, and I want to replicate it, and make some Replicas for daily use. Not the same material, but also futuristic textile. Any information on the original Uniforms are welcome.
NGUNS (NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender)
Reply Luke Reeves
3:38 AM on July 10, 2011 
I am thrilled to see that you are interested in replicating uniforms. And those pictures you uploaded, well that's as accurate as i've seen.
Unfortunately I do not own any of the original uniforms. But i do remember from one of the DVD behind the scenes videos, Allan Rickman had complained about wearing a plastic head in a wool costume in goblin valley. I would say Wool Gabardine does seem to be a good material to use, and is quite durable, but it does require care when washing. (Article with info I also believe that is the same materials used with star trek uniforms. I know it was used in the last few seasons St: TNG.

With you owning an original uniform, you should be able to reverse engineer a pattern. I'd turn it inside out, grab some large paper and cut it to the same shape's, and try to scale it a bit smaller or bigger to fit you.

When you go to make a uniform remember to cut the fabric with a seam allowance, and i'd add a little bit more so you can adjust it later if necessary.

I'd love to see some up close pictures of the uniform you have, especially along the seams and the insides of the uniform.

But as i said before, when it comes to the original uniforms, i don't have any information really. Gathering this kind of information is why i started this site, but it doesn't seem like i've been able to reach out to alot of people with the screen used props. I just hope some more people will stumble across this site, and share what they have. That reminds me, i need to put all my stuff up here still, I'll probably get around to that Tuesday tho.