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Posted by Luke Reeves on December 1, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Last night I was watching Galaxy Quest again and I noticed something that struck me as odd. It was when Mathesar explains that "This is the Tothian minefield left standing from the great war of 12185" during the first ship to ship combat.

I noticed that when you look at the 12185 the 12 and 18 when switched is 1812- as in the war of 1812 which was fought between America and the British. The war lasted until 1815. Notice that 5 is the last number in 1815 and is the last number in 12185.

This is the war that many consider the second war of independence for America, making it America’s last war to become independent from the tyrannical Brittan (at the time). It seems to me that there is a connection between this and the battle that was occurring during the movie; the battle of the Thermian against the enslaving, tyrannical Sarris. Both of these battles involved attacking each other’s ships- and then progressing to hand-to-hand combat.

I could be making a stretch here but my next upcoming post, which has a similar idea of the movie makers putting a hidden connection in, is undeniable.

Here's a hint- the next post deals with the same "Fish out of Water" idea that the actors in galaxy quest went through. "There's gotta be a perfectly logical explanation for all this."

If you can give me the right answer before December 9th starts you will win a free Galaxy Quest promo pin.

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