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Posted by Luke Reeves on August 20, 2012 at 5:20 PM

Hey, Quick Update!

I think I’ll add a new page with a list of all the Galaxy Quest Items I have.

Give me a day or so to add more information here-----> [Info!] (Sadly not there)

My Uniform is back in the works, I’ll be creating a new pattern and starting over.

I've found a what I would consider a 99% accurate Zipper Pull for the Uniform. You can find it here, /Zipper Link\. 

In addition I've purchased three new patches for the uniform/ uniforms. I plan on making a Thermian made and a TJC (The Journey Continues) Uniform along side a Communications Uniform for my Girlfriend.

These  Patches are easy to come by in 3" and 3.5" on Ebay. I personally went with the larger patch, It seems more like the "Right Size"



If you are new to the site, Be sure to read this post ----> GQ Cannon Creditability. I believe it's important to get a community agreement and opinion. 

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